Debbie  - Receptionist
Debbie Receptionist

I joined Downland vets in August 2012 and can honestly say this is the best job I have ever had. I have been in customer facing employment for most of my working life, but having the added bonus of pets is a pure joy.

My favourite part of the role is helping clients do the best for their pets. I feel it is so important for pets to have the care and attention they deserve, especially at the end. I feel so passionate about this that I am taking a Diploma in Pet bereavement counselling.

I have lots of animals myself, Bert my horse, two dogs Branston and Bosun, two cats Charlie cat and Kiya 3 hens that I love caring for and I often re habilitate hedgehogs from work and at the moment I have Donald a duck that was brought in with a very damaged leg.

Over the years I have been here I have seen lots of changes, but can the sense of family still remains the same