nikki taylorVeterinary Surgeon
I qualified in South Africa at the University of Pretoria in 1998. Since coming to the UK, I worked in the Birmingham area before starting at Downlands in 2001.

Since the arrival of my two boys, I have been working part-time, enjoying all aspects of veterinary medicine, but especially soft tissue surgery and imaging.

Away from work, I enjoy running and yoga based exercise, but spend most of my time chasing after my sons and our family dog, Halle the Vizsla!


no-photoVeterinary Surgeon
I graduated from Edinburgh University in 1991. After working for a while in my home city of Liverpool I came South and have worked in Hampshire since 1992. I joined DVG in Nov 2014 where I work part-time. I enjoy general companion animal practice, both medicine and surgery.

Away from work my husband and daughter keep me happily busy, as do our two cats and our Border Terrier.

Eleanor O’leary

no-photoVeterinary Surgeon

Fabio Cabriolu

no-photoLead Surgeon
I graduated in veterinary medicine in 2001. I then spent three years in Spain and the North of Italy working in the surgical departments of different universities. In 2008 I moved to Leeds to an orthopaedic referral practice followed by a rotational internship in another referral practice in Liverpool.

Since 2011 I have been working in a first opinion practice but dealing with the orthopaedic and soft tissue cases whilst studying towards obtaining my surgical certificate. Outside of work I love any type of sport (especially football) and I enjoy long muddy walks with my cocker spaniel Pedro and my girlfriend.
Joined 20th June 2016

Ben Walker

no-photoVeterinary Surgeon
I graduated from Bristol in 2013 and I spent three years in a small animal practice in Oxford before joining DVG in 2017. I particularly enjoy small animal medicine.

Dean Felkler

Veterinary Surgeon
I joined Downland Veterinary group shortly after graduating from the Royal Veterinary College in 2012. Having worked and volunteered in the exotic animal medicine field around the world I now dedicate a large aspect of my time into advancing my medical and surgical proficiencies in this direction. I am currently working towards an advanced certificate in zoological medicine to enhance my knowledge and patient care. Despite my strong attraction to the exotic animal field I still love treating cats and dogs.


no-photoVeterinary Surgeon
I graduated from Edinburgh University in 2014 and started working for Downland’s soon after. Before attending University I was an Animal Care Assistant at the Emsworth practice, and then returned as a vet student during my studies.

I enjoy all aspects of companion animal practice, but am particularly interested in small animal medicine.

Outside of work I like to go to the gym and keep myself fit, however this is also somewhat necessary because I have a love of baking and all things sweet!

Patrycja Kuczynska

no-photoVeterinary Surgeon
I graduated in 2008 form University of Warmia and Mazury in Poland. I moved to the UK in 2009 where I subsequently worked in couple of small animal practices and I completed a one year Junior Clinical Training Scholarship at the University of Cambridge. I joined the Downland team in 2013.

In 2014 I was awarded the BSAVA Postgraduate Certificate in Small Animal Medicine (PGCertSAM).

I have 3 dogs Noodles, Yoshi and Pip and two cats Sasha and Borys.

Karen London

karenVeterinary Surgeon
I qualified from the University of Pretoria in South Africa in 2006. I came to the UK in 2010 and have been based in Hampshire ever since. I started working at Downlands in 2013 as a locum, and joined the permanent staff in 2016 working across all of the clinics. I enjoy the variety of general practice, particularly surgical cases.

I love the outdoors and in my spare time may be found on a kayak on the Solent, hiking or cycling with my husband.

Philip Du Plessis

philipVeterinary Surgeon
Qualified from Orderstepoort in 2014. I worked for four years in South Africa before coming to England in 2008. I am married with a daughter and a baby on the way and also a cat called Closseau.
Joined: 5/9/16

Gus Nieves

no-photoVeterinary Surgeon



carly lyonsHead Nurse and Nursing Manager
I joined DVG in 1996 and qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2000. I became Head Nurse in 2004. I am responsible for the nursing teams at our Emsworth, Havant and Denmead surgeries including the training of our students. I am a strong believer in nurses reaching their full potential to be able to provide a high standard of care to all of our patients. My own areas of interest are anaesthesia, surgery and emergency care.


donna georgeDeputy Head Veterinary Nurse
I joined DVG in 2003 and qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2006. In 2006 I left Downlands to help start a referral practice and then locum nursing. I re-joined DVG in 2008 and I am now Deputy Head Nurse.


ali williamsVeterinary Nurse
Based: Emsworth clinic
Qualified: 2000


ellen acresVeterinary Nurse
Based: Emsworth clinic
Qualified: 2010
Background: Joined DVG in 2011 and currently on maternity leave


no-photoVeterinary Nurse
I joined DVG and started my Veterinary nurse training in 2011 and qualified as a Registered veterinary nurse in April 2014. I am hopefully starting my advanced veterinary nursing course this September. My interests are anaesthesia, analgesia and emergency critical care. I have two cats, two flatcoat retrievers, a Staffordshire bull terrier and a boa constrictor called Bruce


emily robinsonVeterinary Nurse
I undertook a degree in Veterinary nursing at Sparsholt College and qualified in July 2014. I joined Downlands in November 2014. I am interested in diagnostic imaging – x-rays and ultrasound scans. I love to work with cats, especially the ones with a little bit of attitude! I am kept busy at home with my Labrador, cat and 6 rabbits!


lucy croughanHead of Surgery
I started working for DVG Havant in 2004 as a Saturday girl, I moved to our Emsworth clinic full time in 2006 and qualified in 2010. My main area of interest is anaestheisa and analgesia and I gained my certificate in anaesthesia and critical care in November 2013. In January 2014 I moved to our Bognor Regis clinic to take up a full time head nurse position.

In my spare time I enjoy caring for my 3 chickens Doris, Ethel and Aggie and a very naughty hand reared cat called Willis.


melissa standleyDeputy Head Nurse
I have been working at DVG since 2005 and qualified in 2012. I am mainly based at the Emsworth clinic but also visit our Havant clinic a couple times a week to provide nurse clinics.

My main area of interests are anaesthesia, orthopaedics, theatre work, critical and emergency care, dog training and puppies. I am hoping to start my certificate in Anaesthesia at the end of the year and I also run the puppy parties that are based at our Emsworth clinic in the evenings.

At home I have two dogs called Bruce and Bulmer and two tortoises called Henri and Jerry.


louise anthonyVeterinary Nurse
I started working for DVG in 1999 and qualified in 2002. I became duty head nurse before starting a family in 2007. I then returned to work part time. I have a keen interest in weight clinics and have had many successful outcomes.


lauren farminerVeterinary Nurse
I trained at Harbour Vets in Portsmouth and qualified in January 2011. I have been working for Downland Vets since April 2011. I have a keen interest in behaviour and diet clinics.

At home I have a cat, Purdy, and a Cairn terrier called Tilly.


chelsey swdenVeterinary Nurse
I started working for DVG in 2008 as an animal care assistant and in 2015 I qualified as a Registered veterinary nurse. I have 5 lizards and really enjoy the exotic work we do in practise. I hope to further my education in this field. I also have an American bulldog and a horse.


no-photoVeterinary Nurse
I joined DVG in 2012 to begin my Veterinary nurse training and later qualified in 2014. My interests include nurse clinics, wound management, behaviour and exotics. I have a Jack Russel terrier called Holly and two bunnies called Brick and Blue.


Veterinary Nurse


no-photoHead of Medicine
Based: Emsworth clinic
Qualified: 2nd Year DegreeTrainee



no-photoStudent Veterinary Nurse
I joined DVG in July 2014 as an animal care assistant. I am now training to be a veterinary nurse and my training started in January 2015. I have a Bengal cat called Risky and a rescue kitten called Luna. My professional interests are behaviour, welfare and wildlife.


katie bearmanStudent Veterinary Nurse
I started work as an animal care assistant in October 2014 and began training as a Veterinary nurse in September 2014. I have an interest in training and socialisation of puppies and enjoy helping at the puppy parties.


hannah nashStudent Veterinary Nurse
Based: Emsworth clinic
Qualified: 1st Year Trainee
Interests: Behaviour
Background: I joined DVG in November 2013 and will be starting my training in January 2015

Leah Dunn

no-photoStudent Veterinary Nurse

Melissa Jacobs

no-photoStudent Veterinary Nurse

Katrina Smith

no-photoStudent Veterinary Nurse

Cheryl Waldron

no-photoStudent Veterinary Nurse
I am currently studying for a degree in Veterinary Nursing and I am doing a 12 month placement with DVG. In my spare time I like to windsurf.
Joined 31st May 2016

Emma Ponsford

no-photoStudent Veterinary Nurse



no-photo​Animal Care Assistant
​I joined DVG in December 2015 and I am very happy to be working with animals as it is what I have always wanted to do.

Amanda Barber

no-photo​Animal Care Assistant
I joined DVG in August 2016 as an ACA. I studied at Sparsholt college for two years doing Animal Care. Now I have the opportunity to fulfill my dreams working in the nursing area, something I have always wanted to do. I have a Staffordshire bull terrier and a ginger cat, also two children that keep me busy!
Joined 22/8/16

Megan Watts

no-photo​Animal Care Assistant

Abigail Keoghan

no-photoStudent Veterinary Nurse
Animal Care Assistant joined 15/8/16



kim eatwellReceptionist
Based: Emsworth clinic
Background: Joined DVG in 2006


I joined DVG in January 2013 as a receptionist having previously worked in school administration for 20 years. Until I got ‘Clunking knees’ I played netball to keep fit. Now I do various crafts which I enjoy but they don’t do much for my fitness.​

Louise Jacobs


Rebecca St Clair



I joined DVG as a receptionist in 1999. Outside of work I spend my time with my Rottweilers, grandchildren and horses.


nicky sowdenReceptionist
I joined DVG as a receptionist in October 2014. In my spare time I love walking my dog and riding my husband’s Lambretta.