Socialising your puppy at a young age is crucial, as their window for readily accepting new experiences starts to close at around 16 weeks. It is important therefore, that you make the most of early puppyhood and pack in as many good experiences during this time as possible. One of the best ways for puppies to build their knowledge of dog communication systems is for them to attend well-run puppy socialisation parties and training classes. Our puppy parties are run by Louise Williamson. Louise is a receptionist at our Chichester clinic and also runs puppy training classes in Chichester and Emsworth. Our puppy parties are run at Denmead, Havant, Emsworth, Chichester and Barnham.

Our puppy patients are invited to attend our puppy parties once they have started their vaccination course. All puppies that complete the 2 week socialisation receive a certificate and a rosette!