parker 1Written by Christine Ellis RVN

Parker came to our Denmead branch as an emergency on the 23rd October. His owner had found him unable to walk and with a large wound in his groin. On arrival, Monique the Vet and Christine the Veterinary Nurse, gave Parker emergency treatment in the form of strong painkillers and intravenous fluids to treat for shock. Once stable, Parker was anaesthetised for x-rays and to treat his wound. Monique was able to suture his wound back together, but due to it’s size, Parker needed a drain placed in his groin to prevent fluid building up under the skin.

parker 2X-rays of Parker showed that he had a dislocated hip on the left side. Monique was able to relocate the hip back into the acetabulum (socket) under anaesthetic, but unfortunately this is usually only temporary as the hip will often pop back out as soon as the animal starts walking again.
Surgery options were discussed with Parker’s owner, and the best option for Parker and his owner was for him to have a femoral head and neck excision (FHNE). This involves removing the femoral head (the ball section at the end of the the femur) so that there is no longer anything that can pop in and out of the socket. This then relies on the muscles around the hip to hold the leg in place.

Parker was transferred to our Emsworth Surgery where he could be hospitalised and have his surgery performed.

After the operation, Parker was on injectable painkillers for 4 days after his surgery before he was comfortable enough to go home.

parker 3For the next few weeks, Parker made slow improvements, and from the look of his photos, seemed to enjoy being back at home!

Parker came to see Monique for his vaccinations last week and is continuing to do well. He is an adorable cat and even after all he has been through at the vets, still enjoys a cuddle with us!

Statement from Parker’s owner-
‘I would just like to say that all the staff were brilliant, especially Monique, she kept me updated with Parker’s progress and I never felt like a bother when I called.’

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