Obesity in Pets

Now that Christmas is over and many people have started their “New Year” diets, do we stop and think about whether are own pets are at a healthy weight for their breed or size?

97% of owners struggle to identify a healthy body shape for dogs, 56% of owners with an overweight cat believe it is the shape it should be.” (PAW wellbeing report 2012, YouGov & PDSA)

At Downland Veterinary Group, we have seen how obesity in animals can affect their quality of life, with animals less willing to play or enjoy being walked because of this.

Obese pets are at a higher risk of conditions such as, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. With a weight reduction plan tailored specifically for your pet, you can help them to achieve a much healthier lifestyle.

Sometimes it’s very difficult to always recognise the weight gain in your pet as it can be a gradual process over many months, if you are unsure whether your pet is carrying too much weight then contact one of our clinics so you can come along for a FREE weight check with one of our nurses.

We can work together with you to develop a plan on weight reduction for your pet, and regularly monitor and weigh them until they reach their target weight.



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