Jasper, a 7 year old, Burmese cat presented as an emergency; he had been found with injuries to his face and was bleeding heavily. On initial examination, we thought jasper’s injuries were the result of bite wounds.

Jasper was initially stabilized with fluids and pain relief. He was later anaesthetised to assess the extent of his facial injuries. Sadly the wounds were far more extensive than first thought. Jasper had a ruptured left eye, a shattered and unstable bone beneath his right eye and over his nose, and a penetration wound and tract across his face, consistent with being shot by a pellet. An x-ray of his skull revealed small fragments of shrapnel from the pellet across his face.

Jasper underwent surgery the same night. His damaged left eye was removed (enucleated), the wounds debrided and flushed and the facial wounds repaired. He recovered well from surgery. Over the following days he had significant swelling of his face, was unable to breathe through his nose clearly and was not keen to eat. He was treated with antibiotics, pain relief and anti-inflammatories, and supportive care.

The swelling slowly resolved and jasper improved day by day. Over the following weeks jasper made a remarkable recovery and is coping well with one eye; he is back outside and hunting again! We were saddened and shocked that such a friendly cat could be shot, but are thankful he has made a good recovery and is back to enjoying himself again.

jasper 2

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