A new life! A new beginning! I came to Bognor Regis excited about the opportunity to grow as a professional and as a person but something was missing. I have always had dogs back home and I have always loved them and the way they are friendly and loyal. Dogs are not our whole life but they make our lives whole. So, here I am presenting my new friend, Maasai!! He is a 14-week-old, with 24kg body weight, South African Boerboel from a very healthy and selective blood line.

The Boerboel was developed in South Africa 400 years ago. These dogs were originally used for hunting, cattle work and guarding but more recently they have mainly been used as guard dogs. The name Boerboel literally means ‘Farmer’s Mastiff’. Their temperament has been described in the standard as manageable, reliable, obedient and intelligent with strong protective instincts.

As all dogs, the socialization is the key for a good and friendly companion. We have been enjoying very good walks saying “Hello” to everyone and every dog on the promenade! He does enjoy coming to work with me every day and enjoys lots of love from everyone. He has been exposed to all kinds of people, noises, smells and has been developing a very confident, friendly and happy temperament.

He may look big already but Maasai still has a lot of growing to do with a predicted adult weight of 70-75kgs! So it is also very important to consider the growth rate of this type of large/giant breed! We are very careful not exercising him too much, to avoid too much stress in his baby joints avoiding the nasty inflammation process that induces some changing on his cartilage and bone development! This joint inflammation during the growth phase can predispose for developing of some changing in his cartilage and bone development ending up on orthopaedic problems at some point of his life!

In order to the minimize the risk of them, we choose a high quality diet with a good source of protein, calcium and joint supplements!

He loves it!!

Thank you to everyone at Downland Veterinary Group for all support and help with his socialization period.

We are looking forward to meeting and saying a happy “Hello” to everyone!”


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