Can You Spot the Problem?


Max, a young Staffordshire Bull Terrier, initially presented to our clinics with intermittent vomiting but responded well to symptomatic treatment. After a few episodes, Max was referred to our Emsworth branch for investigations into the underlying cause of his intermittent vomiting; including bloods samples, x-rays and potential ultrasound scans/endoscopy. We were very surprised with the findings on his x-ray: a dessert spoon located in his stomach!

Surgery was performed but unfortunately the findings were worse than expected. The spoon handle had perforated the stomach leading to leakage of stomach contents into his abdomen (peritonitis), damage to his spleen and had created a large amount of reactive scar tissue to form close to his liver, kidney and vital blood vessels. After a lengthy surgery, the spoon was removed and the stomach repaired. He was kept in for a couple of days to monitor for any complications; thankfully Max made a full recovery.

We can only assume something tasty was on the spoon which enticed Max to swallow it; however this was a reminder to us all about the unusual objects that dogs will swallow. Ingestion of foreign objects is common amongst dogs, even those which may not have a tendency to scavenge. Not all foreign objects are as easy to see on X-rays and often further investigations are required. Max was also surprisingly well considering the extent of damage. His owners are pleased with his remarkable recovery and say they will be keeping spoons away from Max in the future!

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