Bouncing Benson

Bouncing Benson

Benson is a mischievous 4 month old Cockerpoo who stole a piece of chicken satay on a skewer, in ten seconds while his owner’s back was turned! His owner tried to remove the stick from his mouth, but it broke in half, leaving the chicken and approx. 10 cm stick with sharp point in his mouth, which he instantly swallowed whole in one gulp.

He was rushed down to DVG at Emsworth, where we admitted him for a general anaesthetic to attempt to remove the stick using the endoscope.
The other option would have been to open up his stomach surgically to remove the stick, which is a longer procedure with greater risk and a longer recovery time.

Using the camera on the endoscope, we were able to see the stick inside Benson’s stomach, and grab it, before gently pulling it out of the stomach, up the oesophagus (food tube) and back through the mouth. The chicken was still attached. Benson was only asleep for about 20 minutes, and when he came round he was straight back to being a lively puppy as if nothing had happened.

If the skewer had stayed in Benson’s stomach, the sharp point would have pierced his stomach or intestinal wall, leading to a very severe infection called peritonitis, which could have been life threatening.
He had a lucky escape.

Benson luckily had Pet Insurance that had been given at our Leigh Park surgery after Benson’s first puppy vaccination. The surgery will give you the first four weeks free of charge and from there you can activate a full adult policy.

A happy ending, but please remember with any food on skewers to keep it well out of the reach of naughty dogs, including anything that has been thrown away.

Bouncing Benson2

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